Sunday, May 07, 2006

George Galloway...

Is the greatest man in the world.


Blogger noserubber said...

Is strangely rich

5:34 AM

Blogger old major said...

nosegrubber, give over. also you are not answering the question, is george galloway a great man?
try to be logical for once.

9:16 AM

Blogger glenn said...

"Dicuss." as in Biggus?

11:17 AM

Blogger noserubber said...

not only is he great, he is also salutable for his indefatigability, his leotard and his relevance

2:20 PM

Blogger old major said...

Nice try grubber but no cigar.

6:15 PM

Blogger old major said...

er, no dicuss as in debate the merits of galloway as a politican and as a leading member of the anti war movement.
you see besides pissing the grubbermiser off I really do want to know what sane people think about Mr G.

6:18 PM

Blogger noserubber said...

Sane people think he is invaluable on both counts in a surreal Scargillesque manner.

Deluded, Trotty, self hating cunts, like you, think he is some sort of genie. In reality he is a sleazy narcissist who sucks up to terrorists and any despot with enough dough for him to use to further his failed Stalinist agenda.

Are you old enough to remember Scargill? He's the millionaire loser who lives in the penthouse of one of the Barbican Towers. From there he has a great view of the City and can presumably get to lunch with his broker with ease. Perhaps he hums "The working class can kiss my arse, I've got the foreman's job at last" as he wobbles along.

Fuck you.

7:15 PM

Blogger glenn said...

"dicuss as in debate" Try diScuss. I wouldn't normally comment on spelling, but when there's a monty python reference to be made...

you have managed to get noserubber using whole sentences though, which is a first.

1:54 AM

Blogger old major said...

I do my best! sorry, didn't get the monty python reference but then I didn't expect the spanish inquisition!
noserubber you are the biggest fool I have ever seen don't bother me anymore you fuckwit.
ps "some sort of genie?" what shit have you been smoking! As for being a self hating "trotty" c##t, what on earth are you on about? I have a heathly ego same as anyone else, and yes I am a Respect member and in the SWP but that's because I want to actually get out there and do real politics not call everyone a c##t like some people.

Tell you what if you can debate with out calling people c##ts, fuckers or whatnot then I will engage with you seriously. (although that may in fact be impossiable)

10:01 AM

Blogger noserubber said...

fuck off, cunt

9:24 PM

Blogger old major said...

What wit you have sir! It is a joy to "debate" with such a half wit. I look forward to more...

8:45 AM

Blogger El Tom said...

Hhhm. real politics like 'F**K FEES' placards. by the way, is it marxist to self censor your swearwords?

as for Galloway, I believe he is a great man; why, were it not for him, these blessed republics would have collapsed. were it not for the truly heroic efforts of comrade Galloway, production could have fallen by up to 80%!

Comrade Galloway's gallant efforts to build socialism in one country shall not falter. and remember little children, there is no bureaocracy, ad we have not degenerated.

Basically, he's a stalinist opportunist, looking to make a fast buck for his cuban cigars and nice suits.

were gramsci alive today, he'd put georgie boy up near the top of the superstructure, where he can sit and rant about his hatred of homosexuality and abortion, and contempt for civillian victims of bomb attacks, suicide or not.

I'd take Ken Livingstone every time.

6:53 PM

Blogger El Tom said...

oh, by the way, if noserubber gets on your tits, email all complaints to . No worries.

8:14 PM

Blogger glenn said...

tom, that is feeble. Your blog shows an attempt at being serious about politics, rather than just being irritating, like our friend noserubber, so a couple of corrections are in order.

Galloway supports a women's right to abortion, as does the respect constitution. Ditto gay rights.

I'll disagree with GG on the Soviet Union, but his position was shared by a large chunk of the labour left and the working class movement for several decades, but that's hardly a vital issue now.

The "f**k fees" placards may have been a little crude (I would have preferred "fuck f**s") but there's no point going out of your way to get arrested on a demo. But whatever the placards said, OPPOSING FEES IS BETTER THAN INTRODUCING THEM AND SUBSEQUENTLY RAISING THEM as your lot did.

If you want to debate about Galloway, fine, but please stick to the facts.

2:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Galloway was paid £5,000 in cash by Al-Fagih in late 1995 to early 1996 to repay costs incurred on behalf of others during the campaign to prevent Al-Masari's deportation.

He was also given £1800 in cash by Al-Fagih to pass on to academics to help with the same campaign. Mr Galloway has never identified the academics.

5:38 AM

Blogger El Tom said...

Ok, we get lambasted as a party by SWPers for things margaret Hodge says... RESPECT use Galloway as a figurehead, especially in the press, and he claims thing like 'the same government that legalised sodomy for 16 year olds now wants to ban smoking' (don't try and tell me he didn't say that!), and completely gets away with it! even if it's not the official line he takes, the attitudes he spreads are sick. he also said 'I'm not as left wing as you think...', then went on to slam abortion...

all the time taking an official line which completely opposes what he claims to be his principles. the man is a)wrong and b)a hypocrite.

furthermore, I think his position on Iraq is regressive, as he fails to support democrats and TUs when the 'resistance' attack them.

As for the soviet union, the trotskyists, particularly the SWP, effectively came into being via a strong antistalinist stance... this in my view makes the views of the SWP a lot more palletable than those of GG. I personally dislike the Stalinists more than I do Trots... didn't you see 'land and freedom'?

yeah, the campaign group is full of em.

in my view, Galloway is opportunistic, and fails the tests of basic socialism in many areas, often being purely regressive. His mismatch of action with principles only exposes his hypocrisy.

seriously, these are my main problems with him, as well as disagreeing over the nature of Zionism etc. I hope you take this as a serious critique...

5:18 AM

Blogger El Tom said...

and my post above was parodying the whole 'great man' thing that tends to involve with Cults of (C List?) Personality.

it's sorta what I read out of the title of the post.

Mind you, what a great way to generate comments! much respect.

5:22 AM

Blogger old major said...

Thank you for your comment's, i will take them in the spirit in which they where intended.
Could you give evidence for the quotes that you have attributed to galloway just so I can see for myself.

This isn't a cult of personality. I did this to see what people's thought's where on Galloway,and I used the provative title to see how many toll's I could drag out of the gutter.
I only have noserubber so far and to be honest he's no tim.

10:41 AM

Blogger Montmarcey Brown said...

Galloway is the sum of his parts. It's which parts you know of that determine what you think of him.

Far better to champion a man who has championed the anti war message than to keep a creaky corrupt New Labour government slapping out the asbos.

As for use of the 'c' word. That's not very nice, does he kiss his mum with

3:05 AM

Blogger old major said...

I think he does but i am sure that he's really a friendly fellow away from the keyboard:)
As to Galloway, it's true that many people have very strong opion's of Galloway however most of them are generated by the media and half brained loons like noserubber. Galloway was kicked out of the Labour party because he opposed the war in Iraq and was the most vocal MP in the common's on the war. Then along with over a 1000 activist's he helps to set up a left alterative to new labour and is blasted as a saddamist, pro "islamofascist" and a tool of the SWP. Alongside that he is acused of making outragiously over the top statements without any evidence.

It's all bullshit to be frank.

5:06 PM

Blogger Meaders said...

Best not to ask Tom about Ruth Kelly's opinons on either issue, I suppose: George voted to equalise the age of consent, has been commended for his work on gay rights by Stonewall, and supports a woman's right to choose.

Respect - and George personally - have been on the receiving end of vicious homophobic campaigns in Tower Hamlets and Newham, ranging from Hizb'ut-Tahrir leaflets claiming (correctly) that Respect is "pro-gay", to the Labour Party's persistent use of pictures of George and Pete Best in the BB house on its own literature. Frankly, if you have to deal with all this crap, it puts an alleged outburst on late-night chat-show in perspective, hmm?

(The stuff about Stalinism and Iraq is just all over the place: fine, re-fight a battle over the ruins of the Berlin Wall if you want: personally, I'd rather get on with fighting the battles that need to be won now. One of those is the liberation of Iraq from its occupiers.)

7:46 AM

Blogger El Tom said...

on the quote, he said it on his talksport show. Have a look here, about a quarter of the way down... I did post a functioning link to the actual show on ednet some time ago, the same day I think, he said it to a caller about half way through. if you can find the post, and talksport still have the link up, be my guest. I believe that the show was the one of the same day too, if you can find it on talksport. If that ain't true, let him sue me and the good councillor. you're in respect, tell him I said it.

Labour did not really get rid of Galloway because of his opposition to the war... they would have shut down Labour against the war and kicked out the whole campaign group, including certain members of a certain organisation which does not exist. ;o)

The real reason he went is that because of this, he was an easy target... and it is alleged there are a few more things wrong with Mr Galloway, particularly ones Labour would not like to deal with the political fallout of. thats as specific as it gets here, I'm afraid... This is rumour at best.

As for kelly's views, I don't care about offending religious sensibilities... they are prejudiced and incorrect, but at least she keeps them private, rather than blurting out homophobic comments, then voting against them, like 'Great man' Galloway.

both do it due to an over-rigid interperetation of catholicism and a lack of faith in free will/God's judgment.

don't subscribe to that theory, or you will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of stalinism.

2:52 PM

Blogger El Tom said...

And just for the record, I think fees are inherantly regressive, and tax people twice for the same social benefit anyway; they are an attempt for a generation above us to make us pay for their education.

we must press for their abolition, as well as keeping the cap on the current ones... basically, students should pay as little as possible now, and pay later through a real system of progressive taxation.

but at least I don't have to take the line, eh glenn?

2:57 PM

Blogger El Tom said...

then there's this...

6:53 AM

Blogger Meaders said...

Sorry, you're absolutely dead wrong about Galloway's homophobia. He has consistently argued in defence of gay rights, including giving a (verbal) kicking to the then-head of the Catholic Church in Scotland. He has been (rightly) commended by Stonewall for his work. Against that decade-long record, you've got one - dumb - comment on a late-night talk show. Come off it.

He was "an easy target" because he stood up, loudly and clearly, for what he believed in - a better and more honorouble bet than any amount of secret Trot plotting. If that makes you an "easy target" - good.

3:36 PM

Blogger noserubber said...

bullshit, he is a venal little barrow boy who got rich stealing, and has just as nasty views as a Milwall supporting cab driver. And you know it, you thick, pus stinking cunt commie

1:53 PM

Blogger Montmarcey Brown said...

I'm not sure I like your tone young man. As for Milwall supporting cabbies? I think you have a fear of people who work for a living and attribute to them your own reactionary views.

I would be honoured to rub your nose in some fresh dog droppings. Preferably from a dog that is fed exclusively on Winalot Prime and Special Brew.

4:25 AM


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