Monday, May 01, 2006

It looks likely that Respect will do very well next Thursday in East london. There may be a Respect council in Tower Hamlets and Respect will be the opposition party on the Newham Borough Council. Also across the country we shall get Respect Councilors in Southall, Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester and Preston amongst others. A Respect victory in East London means that there will be a real alternative to New Labour , to the policies of privatisation and war.
This election will mark a key turning point for Respect because we will be able to campaign even stronger on issues that matter to the Community, such as affordable Council Housing, more Community Centres and general improvement in living conditions.

The Election is on the 4th May this is only two days away and we need anyone who can spare the time to come down to East London to help out on the last days of campaigning.
join us! and remember :
it takes respect to get Respect!


Blogger noserubber said...

and it takes a stupid cunt to follow Galloway

5:02 PM

Blogger old major said...

Why, thank you for that insightful comment!
now go and piss off would you little troll type person.

7:15 PM

Blogger El Tom said...

noserubber, you are an arse tampon.

6:55 PM


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